Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Purpose of this Blog::Taking Care of Who We Are....one at a Time.

So I started this blog because over the past three years I have helped people all over the Country, and sometimes even foreign Countries gather help and better Healthcare and resources. As one nurse I am trying to help as best I can with 20 years of Nursing and hundreds cared for. It is one way for me to give back and hope that maybe I can help us get Better Care. If you have questions or need ideas for better care you can leave messege here or email me at enigma4ever AT earthlink DOT net. At least Once a week I will also post on current Medical issues, everything from anti nausea meds for Cancer patients to babycare to Caring for an elderly relative. And I think also it could be a real community to share ideas and resources so that we help take care of each other.

I would love to hear your thoughts....please feel free to comment.

I am still updating the Blog List, my goal is that the Blogroll will have access to a wide variety of information....Please do let me know of areas that you think are needed.